Dating Mistake: Not keeping your attitude in check on the first date

Posted on 31. Jan, 2010 by in Archive, Dating

Today’s question: “What is the #1 reason that you wouldn’t contact a woman again after a date?”

Ok ladies, I’m guessing you’re all pretty smart here, so these answers shouldn’t really come as a surprise to you. There’s no “come to Jesus moment” or an “ah ha!” or any other kind of surprise moment with this question. It all came down to three factors on why a guy just stops contacting you:

1. Being dishonest (I mean come on….we’ve all heard it said time and time again: “honesty is the best policy”)

2. Bad attitude (Attitude is EVERYTHING. If you’re going to be rude, then realize that relationship is as good as done the second something nasty comes out of your mouth)

3. No chemistry (Do you really even want a guy to keep after you if he just isn’t into you?)

Here’s what a few of our guys said:

“If I find her not interested in me in the first date, I won’t contact her again”

“Probably a personality issue. If she wasn’t vibin’ with me then chances are I wouldn’t want to go on another date.”

“no connection…you can tell whether or not there is anything there to build on pretty easily”

“I wouldn’t contact her again if I get a feeling that she has character issues, i.e dishonesty, not loyal, etc. If I don’t feel like I can trust her then there is no reason why we should be dating.”

“If I found out she was lying to me about something. I can’t stand lies. If she lies now, then she will lie later.”

So remember ladies, be honest and be nice. You don’t want to come off as a lying bitch if you want to get anywhere with a guy. Although, even if you are totally honest and sincere, you two just might not click and that might be the last you hear from your potential guy.

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